Side effects of cenforce 100 blue pill

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Moreover, this medication cannot be taken with nitrates or any other nitrate-containing drug because these can cause hypotension and undesirable effects. This drug should also not be taken if you have a history of Non-Arteritis Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION), a condition that can lead to permanent hearing loss and severe vision problems.

It is best to avoid alcohol when using this medicine, as it can increase your blood pressure and lead to unwanted side effects. You should not also drink large amounts of coffee, tea, and colas while you are on this medicine because they may hurt your heart rate.

If you experience any unusual gastrointestinal symptoms, such as stomach pain, swelling of the mouth or throat, diarrhea, or vomiting, you should stop taking the medicine immediately. These symptoms could be a sign of an allergic reaction to the Cenforce 100 blue pill . If these symptoms continue or get worse, seek emergency medical attention.

The medication should not be given to children and adolescents. This drug can have serious side effects in these groups of people, including severe kidney damage and seizures.

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